What Kids are Learning!

With Circuit Mania kids get hands-on with important STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) skills through an engaging project-based learning activity. This exciting and entertaining activity offers children a way to learn while they’re developing an understanding of circuitry, conductivity, and LED technology.

What Kids Will Gain

  • Critical-thinking Skills
  • Understanding of Conductivity
  • Circuitry Knowledge
  • Self-esteem Boost
  • And So Much More!

Each day, the world is relying more and more on electronics and a knowledge of circuitry. Getting kids involved with this technology at an early age can have a positive impact on their future. Research shows that children can and should engage in STEAM learning, even in the earliest years of life. At that age, they are much more receptive to STEAM and STEM concepts and practices. A growing number of studies show a correlation between early STEAM experiences and improving attention skills, and later success in those subjects or in school as whole.

While kids are putting together their Circuit Mania paper projects, they will be actively engaged throughout the process. Children will be following instructions, using critical thinking skills to produce the desired result, discovering how each component works independently and how they come together to make the LED light up. They are taken out of the textbook and all this knowledge is being developed by constructing their very own Circuit Mania.

Pick up all the different Circuit Mania projects, today. Give kids the chance to cultivate important STEAM skills with an enjoyable activity.

Circuit Mania is for kids ages 6+ and come in 5 different exciting shapes!





Circuit Mania Instructions